As promised. Here are a few of the styles.

There are so many more pictures I could take and actually show how to wear them but that will come with time. So here are a few shots of the flower power clip and felt loopy flower power. I don’t know if those names will stick but so far they have.

I just attached these clips to a white headband. They are on alligator clips which allows for easy adjustment to change up the look.


Another batch of sneaks..

This is a candid shot of my sweet niece from when I first started creating the flower power clip/headbands. I still have yet to name the clips but here, help me name them!

The style has changed. But what do I call them?

And if she approves of them, so should you! 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll do a Courtney photo shoot and post up photos of the latest hair flower power clips.

Please give me your opinions and name ideas!

(please ignore the massively bad hair day.)

Here are a few sneak peaks!

These are two different styles of jersey knit headbands. They are perfect for anybody; babies, toddlers, school aged children, teenagers and even adults. The jersey knit allows for stretching so it fits around your head perfectly!

They are comfortable, safe, handmade and stylish!

$10 for a single flower headband and $12 for a triple flower headband.

More pictures to come!

Hello world!

This is the first blog for Grace Giggles’.

This little hobby started when my cute neighbor started making hair clips and hairbands for her baby girl. I have been making hair clips for about a year now and when we saw that we were both interested in creating hair accessories, we decided to combine our talents and make a tiny profit to support our habit.

We make fabric hair clips, korker hair clips, felt hair clips and are continuing to expand our knowledge and our how to’s to provide everyone with great, sassy, and of course, cute hair accessories.

We will be on in a couple of weeks once we figure out logistics and have enough stock to supply all the orders that we hope with be coming in.

I will start posting photos as they come.

Please keep checking back and if you find any that you do like, feel free to contact us and we can work out some kind of deal!